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Yoga Psychotherapy

Yoga Psychotherapy May Be What You Need

Yoga psychotherapy has the ability to heal you in a way that traditional doctors simply cannot. Too many doctors want to write a prescription and send you on your way. At Yoke Wellness, I take a holistic approach that combines mental and physical well-being in order to provide you with real benefits.


Inhale, exhale. Yoga psychotherapy shows you how to meditate, slow your breathing, and be more mindful in life. These lessons can be invaluable when you’re dealing with stress, depression, and more.


At Yoke Wellness, I’m here to show you how yoga and psychotherapy can be used hand in hand. By taking an alternative approach, it can ensure that you truly learn how to heal – and without the use of prescription drugs. I take a unique approach with each client based on what you have been through and what works best for you.


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