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Life Coaching: Service
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Life Coaching

In coaching, the focus is on the achievement of the goals rather than on understanding why the goals were unachievable in the past. It is much more solution-focused. An expectable coaching outcome would be to experience a positive impact both on your professional and your private life. Coaching can be useful for anyone who seeks to improve personal and/or professional performance.

I will work with you to identify initial goals for achieving personal and professional growth as well as the barriers to them. Together, we will confront these barriers and untangled conditioned ways of responding to life situations.


Methods may include lifestyle management and organization, communication and assertiveness techniques, behavioral strategies, stress and crisis management skills, and the development and implementation of personal mantras. With these in place and a heightened self-awareness, you will have the tools to be more successful in your personal and professional life.

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yoke \'yōk\ verb  1: to connect or link


Middle English yok, from Old English geoc; akin to Old High German joh yoke, Latin jugum, Greek zygon, Sanskrit yuga, Latin jungere to join

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