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Art + Design: Service
Modern White Apartment

Art + Design

Often times we experience creative blocks. I can help you identify and break through them to enhance and improve personal and professional success.

Art is a creative process that we all have access to. We may or may not be particularly gifted in what are traditionally seen as artistic practices such as painting, drawing, performing, and writing. Regardless, everyone has the ability to live their life creatively and in doing so, can have greater access to their unique identity and express it most meaningfully.
I use my training in the arts as a catalyst to help you strengthen the connection to your own creativity. This may be through creative play such as pottery, body movement or music. With an understanding of your unique personality, I can help you develop a stronger expression of yourself. Everything we do in life can be done creatively, but we often do things as we are told to do or as we have seen others do rather that really doing something in a way that has meaning to us.

Sometimes part of enhancing your creativity is taking a look at the physical space that you live and work it. I use principles of design and Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of the flow of positive energy, to suggest modifications to enhance your home and work environment. This in turn, can improve your sense of confidence and inspire your success.

yoke \'yōk\ verb  1: to connect or link


Middle English yok, from Old English geoc; akin to Old High German joh yoke, Latin jugum, Greek zygon, Sanskrit yuga, Latin jungere to join

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