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David C. Herzog

Clinical Psychologist; Wellness Consultant; Yoga Teacher

In my early education, someone said of one of my drawings, "that's not how you draw a flower!". Being one who didn't like being put in a box, I responded by stopping making art altogether. Years later, after meandering through several undergrad majors, an art teacher drew out my creativity by not imposing a rigid framework for how to make art. I was inspired by this new experience and by having someone support me in that endeavor.

During my art master's program, I built upon that guidance as a teaching assistant for undergrad art students, and in my work as a personal trainer. I found it very life-giving to help people access and express their unique identities, creative selves, and their potential. These experiences drew me to becoming a psychologist to provide psychotherapy as a way to more directly inspire people toward fulfillment. 

In a similar vein, I was drawn to both yoga and meditation, both of which have had a meaningful impact on me personally and professionally. (For more, see Yoga and Meditation pages). All of us can benefit from assistance when seeking our strengths and talents, as well as when navigating the barriers that hold us back from self-realization. With this awareness, we can open up to the possibilities within us.

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