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Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, spiritual and religious groups have cultivated a wide range of meditation techniques and practices over the years. Often times, meditation is seen as belonging more to Eastern civilization though meditation can be found within Western culture as well. Meditation does seem to have more of a preponderance in the overall life practice of Eastern cultures. It has not only been embraced as a religious and/or spiritual tradition, it has also been used and valued for its physiological healing aspects.

Not until recently have Western culture and medicine started to appreciate the physical and psychological benefits of meditation. Recent studies have shown the significant impact that regular meditation can have in improving overall physical health by reducing stress and enhancing immune functioning. Brain scans have shown significant increased brain activity in those who meditate regularly (Brefcyznski-Lewis, 2006). It has been incorporated into stress management and chronic pain management treatment and has helped patients heal faster after surgery (Kabat-Zinn, 1990).

Other studies have shown psychological benefits of meditation in increasing attention and concentration, regulating mood, managing anxiety, being less reactive and easily upset, and improving impersonal connections with others. Research suggests that meditation can enhance your intuition as well as potentially alter brain functioning for the better by laying down more functional neural networks that alter how you respond to life experience (Siegel, 2007).

There are many different types of meditation, with some being more rigid and less accessible to some. Many believe that to meditate means to completely quiet or still the mind and doing anything less than that is failure which often leads to frustration and disappointment. Some feel that they must dedicate hours to a daily practice thus complain of not having enough time in the day to meditate. I will help you cultivate a meditation practice that fits your unique identity and lifestyle.

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yoke \'yōk\ verb  1: to connect or link


Middle English yok, from Old English geoc; akin to Old High German joh yoke, Latin jugum, Greek zygon, Sanskrit yuga, Latin jungere to join

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