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Emdr Treatment

Learn About an EMDR Treatment

When you have experienced some kind of disturbing life experiences, it’s important that you seek help from the emotional distress and symptoms that you are experiencing. This is when you can benefit from EMDR treatment in Seattle, WA.


At Yoke Wellness,  EMDR treatment can be used as a way to establish the psychotherapy that you can benefit from. Whether you are struggling with trauma that may include PTSD, OCD, substance abuse and impulse control disorders, depression, low-self confidence,  performance issues and other challenges, EMDR could be a beneficial treatment (see main EMDR page).

It all starts by scheduling a consultation. This way, I can get to know more about who you are and what issues you are looking to overcome. I have worked extensively with professionals, college students, artists, and even military veterans. I look forward to speaking with you directly and talking to you about the psychological perspectives that I implement, taking from both Eastern and Western cultures.

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