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Mindfulness Therapy

Explore Mindfulness Therapy Now

Mindfulness therapy in Seattle, WA can provide you with a variety of benefits. Being more mindful about your emotions, your physical experiences, and more can have a significant amount of healing power. At Yoke Wellness, I incorporate this in my treatment of all individuals .


This is a form of therapy that empowers you to engage in mindfulness practice. You will learn breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga and gain healing insights that can lead to healthy behavioral change. If you’re dealing with depression or unhappiness on a regular basis, this can have a dramatic impact on your life. Rather than struggling with challenges that come up from time to time, you can start to take more control of your life by how you deal with them.


Mindfulness therapy is something that I use with most of my clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with students, professionals, LGBTQ individuals, veterans - people from all walks of life. Contact me today to schedule a consultation so that we can begin working together.

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