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Somatic Experiencing Therapy Near Me

Overcome PTSD with Somatic Experiencing Therapy 

At Yoke Wellness, somatic experiencing therapy is available. This has proven to be effective when relieving the symptoms associated with PTSD as well as other traumas and mental heath concerns.


This method of treatment focuses on perceived body sensations so that a variety of underlying psychological issues can be addressed. Whether you are looking to improve emotional regulation, decrease depression, or even address relationship concerns, this can be a therapy that works very well for you. It is one of the many psychotherapies that I use within the practice.


When you are looking to explore somatic experiencing therapy in detail, schedule a consultation. This is a chance for the two of us to discuss more of the challenges that you have gone through as well as the symptoms that you are experiencing. I have worked with a number of individuals over the years with this approach and look forward to helping you to make progress.

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