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Over the course of our lives, we encounter experiences that can move us away from a direct connection to who we are. Expectations and influences from family, friends and peers, from our jobs, and from the greater culture can influence how we choose to view and express ourselves. We can become conditioned to thinking, feeling and behaving in a way that is incompatible with who we really are and what we want in our lives. This disconnect compromises our ability to recognize and value our unique identity and to express and apply ourselves, our talents and our strengths.


At Yoke Wellness, I will help you to identify barriers that are keeping you from realizing your fullest potential. Once these barriers have been identified, I will work with you to better understand them for what they are, and move beyond them. This process may include psychotherapy, life coaching, meditation, yoga, art instruction, home organization and design consultation, and other strategies depending on your individual needs. These tools will help you feel more connected to yourself and will empower you to get all that you want out of life.

Connect with me to schedule an initial consultation at 206-327-2260

2237 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

David C. Herzog

Clinical Psychologist; Wellness Consultant; Yoga Teacher

Dr. Herzog provides psychotherapy as a Clinical Psychologist licensed in the State of Washington (PY 60562717). He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley in 2002. He is also EMDR certified.


As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Herzog also provides life coaching, is certified as a yoga teacher (White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA), and has received training in meditation as part of his continuing education in both clinical psychology and yoga. 


He received his Master’s of Fine Art from Mills College in Oakland in 1998.

Sat on the Rocks

In my therapeutic work, I use an integrative relational style that incorporates various techniques and mindfulness-based interventions. My approach recognizes your strengths as well as your potential for growth. I see the therapy as a collaborative relationship in which I invite you to engage actively in the process of change.

Rustic Beach Path

In coaching, the focus is on the achievement of the goals rather than on understanding why the goals were unachievable in the past. It is much more solution-focused. An expectable coaching outcome would be to have a positive impact both on your professional and private life. Coaching can be useful for anyone who seeks to improve personal and/or professional performance.

Yoga Mats

Yoga is an ancient practice of creating balance between mind and body, strength and flexibility, and stillness and movement. By practicing physical poses or asanas, you can have the physical benefits of proper alignment. Yoga can enhance your muscle, bone and joint strength and flexibility; it can also improve circulation and cardio-vascular health and strengthen your immune system. I can help you to be more connected to your physical body and your vitality.

Meditation by the sea

I can help you cultivate a meditation practice that fits your unique identity and lifestyle. I have a flexible non-dogmatic teaching style that makes meditation accessible and adaptable for each individual I work with. Even practicing meditation five minutes a day can yield great benefits and improve your life significantly.

Modern White Apartment

Often times we experience creative blocks. I can help you identify and break through them to enhance your personal and professional success. Art is a creative process that we can all have access to. We may or may not be particularly gifted in what are traditionally seen as artistic practices. Regardless, everyone has the ability to live their life creatively. Looking at the physical environment that you live and work in may be part of our work. I use principles of design and Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of the flow of positive energy, to suggest modifications to enhance your home and work environment. This in turn, can have strengthen your sense of confidence, and inspire your creativity and success.


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